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A completed and signed OIXnet Terms of Service is required of any trust framework provider (TFP) or community of interest (COI) wanting to register at OIXnet.

The OIXnet registration process overview:

  • Complete and sign the OIXnet Terms of Service and the included Exhibit A. Please note that a signed OIXnet Terms of Service is only required once for a registering TFP/COI (“registrant”). Once this step is completed, a TFP/COI will only submit a completed and signed Exhibit A for all future registrations at OIXnet.
  • If a TFP/COI is seeking multiple registrations at OIXnet, a completed and signed Exhibit A is required for each registration. Do not list more than one registration on an Exhibit A.
  • If a TFP/COI (“registrant”) requires their participants (“authorizing party”) to register at OIXnet, the TFP/COI is responsible for submitting a completed and signed Exhibit A for each participant to be registered at OIXnet. OIX cannot not accept submissions by participants so all Exhibit A submissions must be made by the TFP/COI. Do not list more than one participant on an Exhibit A.
Download OIXnet Terms of Service
Download Exhibit A

Please send all registration submissions and any registration questions to: [email protected]

More detailed registration information can be found in the OIXnet FAQ.