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Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company
(Mydex CIC)

Summit House, 4-5 Mitchell Street
Edinburgh, EH6 7BD
Scotland, United Kingdom

Mydex is a Community Interest Company and social enterprise that provides a Trust Framework and Platform for the collection, management and distribution by the individual of personal data and proofs of claim that enable people to complete transactions and prove their identity online. Only the individual can see the data held in their Personal Data Store (PDS), and when they share it, it is only visible to them and the third party to whom they have given access.

Mydex is an ISO27001 certified company for information security management and a Fair Data certified company and enabler. The Mydex Platform enables organisations to securely connect with their customers, members and citizens to exchange information. This streamlines online transactions and reduces costs, risk whilst improving compliance and satisfaction.

Primary Contact:
David E Alexander
Co-Founder, Platform Architect, Chief Executive
+44 (0)20 3239 6245
[email protected]

Alternate Contact:
Jack Mitchell
Head of Communications
+44 (0)20 7193 7352
[email protected]

The Mydex Trust Framework is a set of legal and technical rules by which members of a network agree to operate in order to achieve trust online. At its core it delivers a trusted digital identity, a hyper secure personal data store and platform from which individuals can connect to each other and organisations for the bi-directional exchange of information in a secure and verified manner.

At its most basic level it allows individuals to present themselves online with a trusted identity and digital letterbox. These two key features alone represent dramatic savings for organisations in distribution and verification costs and whilst individuals securing access to their data in a format they can use and share effectively and are able to transact easily and conveniently online without the need for managing multiple usernames and passwords or risk over the web transactions.

All data sharing is undertaken using a standard data sharing agreement in which the specific data to be shared and the uses that can be made of it are defined and agreed between both parties with the individual being in control of the permissioning process. This polarity shift in the way in which individuals engage with organisations provides a stable easy to use, convenient and highly flexible yet secure utility for the individual and the organisations connecting with them.

As part of the Mydex Trust Framework is an open API which allows application developers and services providers signed up to the Mydex Trust Framework to offer value adding, applications and services to members. This creates a new ecosystem for innovation and new forms of engagement between organisations and individuals.

Mydex Trust Framework

The Specification for the Self-Certification or the Third Party Certification

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