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Know Identity Conference, Washington D.C.

Presentation & Date Author
Trust Frameworks: Their Critical Role in Governing Identity Systems and Allocating Liability - 2017-05-17 Don Thibeau
Tom Smedinghoff

OIXnet -  Instrumenting Trust in a Zero Trust Environment

Presentation & Date Author
Instrumenting Trust in a Zero Trust Ecosystem - 2015-09-11 Don Thibeau

OIXnet - The Value of Registration

Presentation & Date Author
OIXnet: The Value of Registation for TFPs-COIs - 2015-09-18 Don Thibeau

A presentation about Trust Frameworks that Don Thibeau, OIX Chairman, and Tom Smedinghoff, OIX Counsel, presented at the K(NO)W Identity Conference in Washington, DC on May 16, 2017

The Challenges of Third-Party Identity Credentials & Why a Trusted Identity Registry is Needed: How Self-Certification + Registration Answers the Question ‘Who Do I Trust?