SAFE-BioPharma FICAM Trust Framework Provider Program

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SAFE-BioPharma Association
82 N. Summit St., Suite 2
Tenafly, NJ 07670 USA

The SAFE-BioPharma Association is a non-profit collaborative of the global biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries, managed by Board of Directors from member firms. Association functions include: Maintaining and evolving authentication and digital signature credential standards for application to a wide variety of business processes, collaborations, federations; certifying commercial TSPs, applications and products; collaborating with regulators and policy authorities; providing a forum for best practices and shared use cases; operating a PKI “Bridge CA,” (SBCA) for interoperability; operating non-PKI credential Trust Frameworks to enable federated authentication interoperability at known levels of assurance, and representing the industry in national and international standards-development and global identity management policy-setting organizations. SAFE-BioPharma is affiliated with a broad range of governments and industry standards organizations.

Primary Contact:
Mollie Shields-Uehling
President and CEO
[email protected]

Alternate Contact:
Dr. Peter Alterman
Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

As a US Government-approved Trust Framework Provider (TFP) under the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) Trust Framework Solutions (TFS) program, and open to all, the SAFE-BioPharma Association is approved to provide policy and practice oversight for full-service Credential Service Providers (CSP), Identity Proofing members (Identity Managers), and Credential Management members (Token Managers). We are authorized to examine and certify that the identity proofing, credential issuance, and credential management policies and practices of electronic identity credential issuers are comparable to US Government requirements for trusted (non-PKI) online authentication credentials at known levels of assurance (NIST LoA 2,3).

SAFE-BioPharma Certification means that authentication credentials from certified Credential Service Providers can be trusted and used at known levels of assurance by US federal entities such as NIH, VA, and FDA.

For a full description of the SAFE-BioPharma FICAM Trust Framework Provider Program processes and requirements, please see “SAFE-BioPharma FICAM Trust Framework Program Overview Version 2.01 at “SAFE-BioPharma FICAM Trust Framework Documents” tab.