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For the successful operation of any market there needs to be trusted information sharing. Markets grow when there is trust between stakeholders, making transactions reliable and repeatable. Listings—like the yellow pages—leverage data. Directories—like the DNS—speed introductions. Exchanges—like the NASDAQ—grow markets. Registries build trust—and drive unique value. There is no registry for trusted identity systems. Under the direction of the OIX Board of Directors, OIX is launching OIXnet, an authoritative registry for online identity trust.

OIXnet Value

How does it work?

Governance Layer

Business Information Needed to be Registered

OIX is solely responsible
the enrollment requirements

Technical Information Needed

COI's are solely responsible for business,
legal and technical requirements

Access Layer

Manual/Automated Discovery

2015 Pilot Phase: Listing Service / 2016: Automated Discovery