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tScheme Limited
Regus House, Victory Way
Admirals Park
Kent  DA2 6QD  United Kingdom

tScheme is the industry-led, self-regulatory, not-for-profit organisation set up to create strict service criteria and to approve electronic trust services, including qualified certificate services. tScheme approval will provide assurance to individuals and companies relying upon electronic transactions, enabling growth in e-business.

tScheme develops sets of criteria called Approval Profiles for commercially offered trust services. These allow service providers who are able to demonstrate that their services meet these sets of criteria to achieve added business value by using the tScheme approval mark. A contract is put in place to safeguard continuing good practice.

To obtain this necessary proof of trustworthiness, a trust service provider is assessed to the relevant profiles by an independent tScheme-recognised assessing body. A report is prepared, and if this certifies compliance with the tScheme criteria, the trust service is granted approval by tScheme Ltd, including the right to display the tScheme mark.

Membership of tScheme is open to all sectors of industry, and to trust service users, ensuring that tScheme continues to address true market priorities.

Primary Contact:
Stephen Davies
Chief Executive
+44 (0) 8702 417 497
[email protected]

Alternate Contact:

Richard Trevorah
Technical Director

+44 (0) 8702 417 497
[email protected]

Authorizing Party:

Registers of Scotland
Meadowbank House
153 London Road
Edinburgh EH8 7AU

Grant of Approval

tScheme Limited grants approval to the electronic trust service identified as:

ARTL - Automated Registration of Title to Land. ARTL is a system under which electronic land registration applications and relative electronic documents may be generated, authenticated and communicated and will automatically update the Land Register of Scotland. The certification service is also used to authenticate Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) data and certifications collected on behalf of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

as supplied by:
Registers of Scotland
of Meadowbank House, 153 London Road, Edinburgh EH8 7AU

The management system used to deliver this service is certified by:
KPMG Audit Plc - Certification Services
of 191 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 2LJ

to satisfy the criteria defined in the following tScheme Approval Profiles:
Title Identity Issue
Base Approval Profile tSd0111 3.00
Approval Profile for a Certification Authority* tSd0102 3.01
Approval Profile for Certificate Generation* tSd0104 3.01
Approval Profile for Certificate Dissemination tSd0105 3.01
Approval Profile for Certificate Status Management tSd0106 3.01
Approval Profile for Certificate Status Validation tSd0107 3.01
Approval Profile for Registration Services tSd0042 3.02
and in accordance with:
Title LoA Issue
HMG’s Minimum Requirements for the Verification of the Identity of Individuals 2.0

*not including Qualified Certificates

This approval initially commenced on:

12th May, 2008

and annual renewal against the current issue of these Approval Profiles was confirmed in:

November 2015

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This Grant of approval is issued by:

tScheme Limited
Regus House, Victory Way
Admirals Park
United Kingdom

Company Number 4000985